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Commercial and Residential Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning For Health Innovation

When we clean, our first priority is to ensure the health and safety of those who work in the environment and our second priority is the aesthetics of that environment. In keeping with this, we've adopted some of the latest proven product innovations, such as eco-friendly microfiber cleaning clothes and water instead of traditional chemical disinfectants. This method has been proven more than 50% effective than traditional disinfectants by the University of California. For an added degree of safety and protection, we use microfiber technology in conjunction with chemical disinfection for kitchens, bathrooms, and patient areas.

Team Cleaning Specialization

At D&K Fresh Start, we utilize a process of cleaning called Team Cleaning®, which combines the efficiency of an assembly line approach with the expertise only a specialist can offer. Instead of the conventional approach of assigning one person to perform every cleaning task in a small area, Team Cleaning® assigns tasks to specialists who cover a much larger area. These tasks are by a routine schedule. Thus, by cleaning a building with the Team Cleaning® method, no task gets overlooked.